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Accreditation Supporting Documents

Here you can find all of the supporting documents to help you achieve your award status.

Welcome Pack:

The Welcome Pack is a step-by-step guide of how to become a Wellbeing at Work Accredited Employer. It gives you an introduction of:

Criteria Handbooks:

The Criteria Handbooks walk you through each criteria in the Wellbeing at Work Awards. They cover the full list of criteria for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards available for workplaces with over 50 employees, and for the Small Business Awards for workplaces with 2-49 employees. The Handbooks also bring ideas and useful resources to help you implement each criteria in your workplace, and examples of evidence you may want to provide, once the criteria has been completed.

If you are undertaking Commitment Award, see the Commitment Award Criteria Handbook.

Small Business Awards:

You can see the full list of criteria for the Small Business Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards on here.

Medium and Large Business Awards:

You can see the full list of criteria for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards on here.

Health Needs Assessment (Employee Survey):

Undertaking workplace health assessments, or employee surveys, within your organisation is an important task to ensure that your employees voices are heard and to understand more about your workforce. It also helps you measure the impact of any health and wellbeing improvements you are making. That’s why the workplace health survey or assessment is a mandatory criteria at each award level of the accreditation programme.

We have pulled together these supporting documents to help you accomplish this task:

Survey Guidance – This brings a survey template in MS Forms and how to duplicate it for your organisation. It also has a list of things to consider when planning to roll out a survey, and the reason why each question is asked based on Public Health England’s evidence-based research.

Result Analysis Report Template – This is to help you analyse and display your survey results (this is the full version report).

Results Analysis Report Template Summary – This is a summary report to help you present the key findings of your staff survey in a concise way.

Chart Generator Spreadsheet – You just need to input your raw data and this spreadsheet is already set up to generate all the charts for you. This spreadsheet works alongside the report templates above, to complete any data analysis and produce any charts you may wish to include.

Assessment Sheets:

The assessment sheets we use to assess employers’ evidence portfolios breaks down each criteria, and it will help you identify the main elements that need to be evidenced in order to meet the criteria.

Commitment Award assessment sheet

Small Business Bronze Award assessment sheet

Bronze Award Assessment Sheet

If you have any questions about any of these supporting documents, please get in touch with the team at

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