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Wellbeing at Work Conference and Awards 2023

Join us for our first annual Conference and Awards event to learn more about workplace health and recognise local employer achievements!

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Why Invest in Wellbeing?

Did you know that interventions to promote staff wellbeing could save your business between £130 and £5,020 per employee? Happier and healthier employees work more efficiently together, fostering a positive working environment which allows your organisation to thrive.

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Wellbeing at Work Awards

Holding a Wellbeing at Work Award will set your organisation apart as an employer and business of choice. There are 3 award levels for Small Businesses, and for Medium and Large Businesses. There is also an optional entry level award, open to all size employers.

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Work, Skills and Health

2022 East Sussex Public Health’s Annual Report considers the relationship between work, skills, and health. Employers have a role in improving the health and wellbeing of our local population. We encourage all employers to review this report, use the resources section and join our programme.

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Want to be part of a team of employers contributing to healthier workplaces in East Sussex?

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Our newsletters bring a compilation of news, resources, best practices, training and events related to health and wellbeing at work to keep you up-to-date with what’s on for employers in East Sussex. If you would like to receive the newsletter regularly in your inbox and be informed first-hand of the latest news, resources, training and more, please sign-up using the subscription form.

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