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Gold Award

We are pleased to recognise below the workplaces that have achieved a Gold Award accreditation on the Wellbeing at Work Programme. Each organisation has a brief summary, sharing their experience of the programme and how they’ve approached wellbeing in the workplace.

Below are the large organisations (50+ employees) that have achieved a Bronze award


Servomex is the first employer in East Sussex to be accredited with a Wellbeing at Work Gold Award, for workplaces with 50+ employees. Congratulations!

As part of their Gold Award application, Servomex have cemented wellbeing into the fabric of their organisation. They have created a video for their website with employee testimonials speaking about their lived experienced of mental health and the support that they have received from Servomex. This has helped open the conversation and break down the stigma around mental health in the workplace, enabling staff to feel more comfortable expressing their feelings.

It took Servomex six months to complete the Gold Award, which demonstrates the commitment and effort that was made. Servomex have brilliantly and subtly intertwined health and wellbeing into the everyday lives of their staff through physical resources (posters, handbooks), a clear and well-presented intranet page for wellbeing and fun and interactive social days. They also have a Wellbeing Calendar for the year to ensure that they continue to make health and wellbeing a priority throughout the year! According to Julie Burridge, Health and Wellbeing Manager, “the whole process of achieving a Wellbeing at Work Award is a really good guidance for how to be a healthy workplace.”

Julie Burridge from Servomex with the East Sussex Wellbeing at Work Team accepting the Gold Award in September 2023
Julie Burridge from Servomex with the East Sussex Wellbeing at Work Team accepting the Gold Award in September 2023

Below are the small organisations (>49 employees) that have achieved a Small Business Gold award

Affinity Select Insurance Services Limited

Affinity Select Insurance Services Limited, a small business based in Uckfield, achieved the Wellbeing at Work Small Business Gold Award in November 2023. This makes them the first business to reach a Small Business Gold Award to date!

As part of their award, Affinity Select Insurance Services has embedded health and wellbeing into the culture of their work force, as an example, all employees are offered support and encouraged to get involved in charitable work. They have implemented a monthly survey that goes to all employees, asking whether they would benefit from more information or support on a particular health and wellbeing topic. Recently, a topic that was of interest was Musculoskeletal Health (MSK). Helen, (wellbeing lead) organised for a local chiropractor to come into the office and do a free presentation to all the employees on MSK and an optional free 10-minute consultation. One employee mentioned how much they enjoyed the afternoon and was pleased that the company was looking out for their needs

Helen Carr from Affinity Select with Matt Ellis, Wellbeing at Work Programme Coordinator accepting the SB Gold Award in January 2024

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