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Wellbeing at Work Programme

The Wellbeing at Work Programme aims to provide support to East Sussex employers with improving employee health and wellbeing in their workplace.

The programme:

Why is wellbeing at work important?

We spend a huge proportion of our time at work, therefore employers play a key role in contributing to the health of the workforce, and in turn the health of the organisation itself. Having a productive and healthy workforce should be the aim of every organisation, especially as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic which has had such a huge impact on business and the wellbeing of employees.

  • The top 3 causes of long-term employee absence are preventable. These are: mental ill health, musculoskeletal conditions and work-related stress.
  • In the UK, 141 million days were lost to sickness absence in 2019 alone.
  • Aches and pains accounted for 28.2 million of days lost. This is 17.7% of all sickness absences.
  • Poor mental health costs UK employers £45 billion every year, with the largest hit coming from lost productivity caused by presenteeism.
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Why should my organisation get involved?

Investing in employee wellbeing through an awards scheme can improve employee morale, motivation and productivity, and also reduce absenteeism, turnover and the associated costs. A little investment goes a long way – employers who take an active role in improving and promoting employee wellbeing, could save between £130 and £5,020 per employee.

Employees who feel that their employer is proactively supporting their physical and mental health will feel better valued within an organisation, and will be more likely to stay working at the organisation – subsequently reducing staff turnover and associated recruitment costs. You will also create a happier, healthier and more engaged workforce who will work efficiently together. Taking part in the East Sussex Wellbeing at Work programme will support you to foster a positive working environment which in turn allows your organisation to thrive.

By placing your employees’ health and wellbeing as a priority, you can show that you have a commitment to improving your employees’ lives, inside and outside of work. This commitment to wellbeing will help cement your reputation as a top employer, facilitating the recruitment of new talent. Through taking part in the East Sussex Wellbeing at Work Programme, we will provide you with a free framework and support system to enable you to work to improve wellbeing in your workplace.


Any organisation based in East Sussex with at least 1 employee is eligible to join the programme, free of charge. We welcome businesses of any size or industry to join.

How to get involved

You can register to take part in the accreditation programme and receive an East Sussex Wellbeing at Work award here.

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